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My name is Jordan Rogers, and I started English Pronunciation Mastery with one goal in mind: helping people improve their English speaking skills.

EPM is built upon my real-life experience with native Spanish speakers in South America teaching English as a second language, working in the business community, and helping my friends and colleagues improve their English.  Over my years living in Colombia, I began to see recurring patterns with my students and colleagues.  They could learn and understand everything we discussed in class, but then would be afraid to use it in their day-to-day life because they were nervous or even embarrassed about their pronunciation.  I wanted to fix that.

So I began listening everyday to non-native speakers and the specific things that were difficult for them.  You are probably already aware of some of these and have probably already tried working on them yourself.  But I wanted to find the key issues that, when addressed, could completely transform the way we speak. And quickly.

I created a detailed list of the 20 items that I thought were the most common and have the biggest impact on how we sound.  Then, I separated them into categories based on level, and finally, I created a step-by-step guide on how to practice and improve every single issue. 

My desire is to help you speak comfortably, confidently, and without fear.


Are you ready to reach your potential?

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