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Want to see it in action?

Video Consultation


EPM uses a simple diagnostic process designed to identify your areas for improvement quickly and easily.  It also provides the foundation for qualitatively and quasi-quantitatively evaluating your progress during the follow-up sessions.  It will provide you with a real, tangible sense of accomplishment or highlight the areas where you may need to invest more time practicing.


Once your key areas are identified, you will rely on the EPM guide eBook to walk you through understanding and addressing them.  The eBook provides background on why the issue exists, what makes it difficult, and how to overcome it.  Once you understand the problem, it becomes much easier to fix. 


After that, there are simple steps to follow to begin to improve and continue improving each specific issue.  Look at the photos to the right to see portions of a real example from the eBook.

EPM E-book 3
EPM E-book 1
EPM E-book 2
Painting Wall


As mentioned before, this is a live one-on-one session with a coach to review your progress and identify your continuing path forward for improvement!

We will revisit the exercises you did in the diagnostic so you can see your progress in real time, and your coach will give you specific feedback and next steps.

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