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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers

Have a question?

Curious if the program is right for you?

Check the FAQ's below to see if we can give you an immediate answer!


Is this a good program for beginners?

No.  This program is designed to help intermediate and advanced English speakers who already understand the language well, but would like to improve their speaking.  This program is not ideal for beginners who are new to the language.


What does the program include?

This program does not cover every single tiny possible improvement to pronunciation.  It is designed to focus on the major items that will give the most improvement for your dollar, and for your effort. 


This program includes background context on the key issues:

  • What is the issue?

  • Who typically makes these mistakes?

  • Why is the mistake common?

  • Why is it difficult to overcome? 

Once you understand the issue, it is much easier to address. 


The program also includes a diagnostic evaluation of the issues that are most specific to you, personally. Finally, it includes step-by-step guidance with a native speaker on how to improve your specifically identified areas for improvement. 


If desired, the program also includes follow-up one-on-one sessions to help you continue to progress and improve.


Is this program for any English learner?

At this time, the program is best suited for native Spanish speakers from Latin America who are looking to improve their pronunciation.  This is because my personal experience teaching English and helping students improve their pronunciation is primarily from Colombia.  In the future, if there is demand, additional programs may be designed for learners with other native languages. 


Will this program help with my accent?

Absolutely! The program is designed to focus on key speech patterns that will have the largest impact on your speaking. This 100% includes your accent.  The overall goal of the program is not just to improve your speaking, but to also give you confidence in your pronunciation and accent.

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