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English Pronunciation Mastery currently is made up of one person: me. Although I am only one person, I am determined to help my students succeed. My desire is to offer support and guidance uniquely tailored to each student. Jump down below to see additional information on my background and my journey. 

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Pronunciation Coach

I am an engineer turned into a teacher that wanted to find a better way to help his students.  

My background is in math and science, but I have always found helping others learn to be very rewarding.  In high school, I had a small tutoring "business", and my first "real" job was working for Kumon Learning Center as a tutor and teacher.  In graduate school, I was a teaching assistant, and taught math classes to undergrad students.  Since moving to Colombia, I have taught English as a Second Language to hundreds of students.  Helping someone overcome their obstacles and challenges to learn and succeed has always been a passion of mine, and with EPM I am looking to continue the pursuit of that passion and help even more people learn and grow.

As an engineer, my brain works as you might expect: very logically and always trying to find simple solutions to problems.  That is the approach that I used to create the EPM program: logical and simple.  This is true for the material you will use, and for the process that I go through as a coach (identify the problem, determine the path to the solution, and follow that path). 

In addition, I speak Spanish (some days better than others).  I have gone through the language learning process, and I continue learning and improving each day.  As a language student myself, I understand some of the unique challenges you might face beyond just technical concepts like conjugation or conditionals.  I mean the psychological and emotional challenges - being nervous, doubting yourself, worrying about making mistakes.  I've been there too!


As you go through the program, my hope is that you will see this in the process.  My goal is that my experience and approach combined together will make things as easy for you as possible to be as confident as possible with your English.

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